Technical Information Regarding The Safe®

The Safe® was designed to put the system owner, not the system, in control of the environment.

The Safe® is written in COBOL II and is designed to run in an IBM mainframe environment using CICS.

The Safe's® data is carried in VSAM files. 

The Safe® takes advantage of universal function key definitions in compliance with IBM's SAA, or Systems Application Architecture standard.

The Safe® uses both on-line and off-line functions.  

  • System maintenance and daily box maintenance are performed on-line.  
  • Updates of financial information are performed in the off-line cycle. 
  • Information on the Customer and Box Files will be updated through online entry (maintenance, renting boxes, etc.) during normal system operation.
  • Data may also be updated through programmatic functions (application of Control File parameters, calculation of days past due, etc.) during the daily batch cycle.

The Control File contains user-defined codes and operating parameters and holds all of the procedural definitions.  

  • The Control File file eliminates the need for hard coded parameters in programs.
  • This flexibility of the Control File design minimizes the need for programming changes when the financial institutions polices, regulations or procedures change.
  • The Control File may be updated through online entry and maintenance of the parameters. This is, of course, a highly secure function. The only programmatic update of the Control File is maintenance of the application date.

The Customer File carries all of the demographic information, discount product information, mailing address, etc. for the box holders.

The Box File carries the inventory of safe deposit boxes and rental records identifying the rented and unrented boxes, billing type, etc. for each box.

The Transaction File records all of the financial activity associated with each rental.

The Safe® is designed with a multilevel hierarchical structure. This design allows management to assign prices, discounts, fees, etc. at any hierarchical level. This capability makes it possible to define the system according to the way individual branches within a bank or, banks within a corporation, do business.  

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