"Based on our experience with MainSoft and The Safe®, I would encourage you to purchase The Safe® for your organization. We took advantage of the opportunity, and we have certainly benefited. We are glad to have The Safe® at SouthTrust."

Charles Murrell, President
SouthTrust Data Services

"Managing deposit boxes is much more efficient with The Safe®. Management has better control, and they TRUST the reliability of The Safe's@ processes. User Friendly, user controlled, user reliable, that's what The Safe® is --really safe!"

Ruth Alicea, Senior Programmer Analyst
Banco Popular, Puerto Rico

"The hierarchical design of The Safe® gives us all the advantages of client server in a mainframe environment. Our company has been extremely happy with both, The Safe® and MainSoft, Inc."

Judy Peterson, Vice President & Group Manager
Bank of the West

"The Safe® allows us to continue using the tools our branch personnel are familiar with while providing us increased service, capability, flexibility and control over our previous mainframe safe deposit box system."

Mark Howard, Retail Product Support Administrator
Zions Bancorporation

"Installing The Safe® was a great experience for all of us, even the programmers and the technical staff who didn't know much about our deposit box program. Now we just sit back, and let The Safe® 'handle it all'."

Victor Hernandez, User
Enrique Escalante, Supervisor
Jose Velez, Marisolis Cruz, Ruth Alicea - Programmers
Banco Popular, Puerto Rico

"The Safe® provides us will all of the management tools we need. When we want something new, we simply request it through the online screens. Unlike many applications, The Safe's® flexibility allows us to do business our way and not the system's way. I highly recommend both MainSoft and The Safe® for your bank's future software solution."

Karen Payne, Operations Manager
Bank of the West

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